Is Good Afternoon Capitalized?

“Good Afternoon” is nice way to greet someone after 12pm. Whether you use it an email or text message, a common question is whether “good afternoon” is capitalized.

So, Is Good Afternoon Capitalized?

Generally, “good afternoon” is lowercase when it is used in a sentence. If it is used a the beginning of a sentence, then the word “good” would have the first letter uppercased to comply with standard sentence capitalization rules.

However, the phrase “good afternoon” is capitalized when used in an email salutation at the beginning of an email.

Examples of Using Good Afternoon In an Email

“Good Afternoon, Mrs. Breeze!” said Tim when he came back from his meeting. It was a good afternoon and Tim started working again by typing a new email with the following:

Good Afternoon,

Please see the invoice attached for your monthly bill.


All three examples of the phrase “good afternoon” were used in the example above: in a sentence, in an email salutation, and in a dialogue. When Tim first walks back into the office, he greets his boss with a salutation so “good afternoon” is capitalized. In the next sentence, the phrase “good afternoon” is not capitalized because it is used in a sentence. Finally, in the email draft, Tim uses “good afternoon” as a salutation so it is capitalized.

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